As you reorient yourself & make your way home to your original design, we are called to walk with you in truth, trust & intimacy.

We are here to guide you through all that is required of you to bring the truth of who you are into every area of your life.

Meet The Originators
You are the one called into the dynamic dance of what you are here to courageously end in this lifetime, while also bringing forth that which you are here to begin.

Do you have the courage to reveal it all & answer the call?

There is great power in women coming together in deep communion & creative collaboration. What we can create together will take us all further & deeper than where we can go alone.

We have curated multiple opportunities for you to be to massively supported through your transformation.

 We invite you to explore where you belong.


The Originators Vault 

The Originators Vault houses the a multitude of self study programs & masterclasses created by The Originators.

The courses have been curated to create a comprehensive foundation of bringing the work of Origination into every area of your life.

With instant access to the entire library of teachings, the monthly membership allows you to learn and grow at your own pace while saving you thousands of dollars in the subscription format.

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Originate- Group Mentorship Program

The foundational principles of the work of Origination have been organized into an ongoing 6 month group mentorship program to support you as you become the access point of your creative nature.

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Originate- The Inner Circle

The Originate Inner Circle is created for the women who are deep players in the game of of life. It is designed for the woman who desires the deepest level of connection, support & collaboration in the communion of a small group setting. It is designed to amplify & accelerate your growth. Because nothing is off limits inside the Mastermind- you bring ALL of you & your experience to the table- you have the opportunity to deepen your integration being deeply supported & surrounded by a community of exceptional women doing life together. 

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Private Mentorship

Inside our private mentorship containers, we hold a sacred agreement to walk with you every step of the way. As your guides, we go all in & hold nothing back.

You are supported as you cultivate the inner stability required to trust yourself as you hold this season of reorientation & creation.

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365 Days on Your Knees

Our FREE private community of weekly prayer and communion. Open to all women who are called to deepen in devotion to God, their own heart & life itself. We meet virtually every Monday in prayer. Replays & prayers are held within a private facebook group.

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